It’s A Small World After All

One of the nicest surprises WordPress gave me was a wee annual report on how my blog has been doing. I was really surprised to find that it’s been read over 6000 times in 35 different countries.

That people in places as far afield and culturally diverse as Ecuador, South Africa, Berlin, Poland and Lithuania took the time to read it amazes me. I don’t have anything that important to say. And anyone who knows me will confirm I’m not that exciting. I am a garden variety transsexual.

But I have had the experience of reading another’s blog and finding solace and comfort. If am able to provide that to one solitary person, it’s all been worthwhile. To not feel alone or stuck on the outside is truly important. And being Trans, it’s all to easy to fall into that as a default position.

But we’re not alone. Globally, there are many blogs like mine. Better blogs than I can manage, that I should link to. If I knew how, I’d link you to Mara’s hilarious blog. But I’m 42 and pushing the bounds of my knowledge. Search my comments. You’ll find her.

But this is a new year and one in which I am going to embrace the coming changes. My hope is that it becomes much more of a transition blog as I take concrete steps towards the changes I ultimately desire.

If you’re staying along with me? Buckle the fuck up. I suspect this is where it gets bumpy. And exciting. And potentially beautiful. For me anyway. It may be harder for those I care about but I can hardly wait another second for the life that’s around the corner. That said, I promise Chris isn’t leaving the building. The times, they are a-changing though.


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