My first post of 2016 is coincidentally my 100th post. Hence the title. Although I’m not 100, there’s also the simple joy that Chrissy just turned two. And yes, it is weird talking about yourself as another person. I’ll stop that.

Traditionally this is a time for making changes. I always mean to. But then again, in 2014, I actually saw some spectacular changes through. And kick started a journey that’s been unbelievably worthwhile. If sometimes difficult and tinged with loss.

I’ve been looking back over my blog and was surprised how much time I gave over to that loss and it was emphatic how much I missed my family. As 2016 starts, I’m pretty much done with that. Not that I don’t love them. But lamenting about it has achieved nothing. And at least one of my brothers remains as irrevocably angry as he was the day I told him. I’m simply moving on. Lock, stock and barrel.

It seems what’s gone is definitely gone and yet it feels disappointingly ok to watch it sink into my past. Instead I’m looking forward to continuing the life I’ve built for myself with the people that matter to me.

2016 is fresh out the gates and everything feels right for the moment. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been, surrounded by people I love and the journey is only half done. Delighted that I don’t need to do it alone. You know who you are. And yes, it is a more emotional me launching into this year. Long may it continue Xx


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