Lost In A Moment

Well, there you go. Hurtling towards January 1st 2016 and I’ll have finally hit the two years mark. And it feels like the milestone it ought to.

Both of those years have torn past me at mach speed but equally, I’ve enjoyed almost every single second. Except IPL, that just hurts. It would be an outright lie to say otherwise.

But I’m living quite successfully as a female now. With a minimum of fuss or confrontation. Things I was terrified of a few hundred days ago just never materialised and the world turned out to be better than I thought. And I turned out to be a stronger person than I initially believed. Which is still difficult for me to accept.

I’m still astounded I’ve managed to get this far so quickly. When I took my first fulltime female steps into the world I had no idea how confident I would eventually become. It’s almost worth everything for that alone. And I’m thankful for everyone that helped that confidence emerge. You have no idea how much you helped me.

Usually this is a time for resolutions though, but I’m already trying to change what I can. I think maybe I’ll just keep doing more of that. I do have one real change I’m planning to make though but that’s for next time around.

Realistically, I am already looking at 2017 before surgery will be a viable option. That’s just to accommodate hair removal really. And that’s fine with me. I’ll need another year to wrap my head around the utter enormity of that decision and maybe finally get the lady voice perfected. Seems like a sensible plan.

Anyway, where are my manners? Best of luck to you in 2016. I hope it’s your year.


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