Sparing A Thought For The Unfortunate


You might remember I was getting online grief from a guy back in September. It hasn’t ever stopped and I’ve genuinely lost count of how many profiles this idiot has set up just to target me. The photograph was Monday’s contribution.

But I’m finding it difficult to hold on to any anger I have about it. Although it does make me somewhat angry as I have no idea what his obsession is.

It’s still in the hands of the Police and things are apparently progressing. I can’t fathom why he would persist when he knows about the Police involvement and each time is multiple separate charges.

But I sort of pity him. The kind of person who repeatedly abuses someone for no reason clearly has their own issues. And his appear to be plentiful.

Fingers crossed that he has enough decency to maybe give me a day off at Christmas. But I’m holding on for the New Year. At some point he’s going to be getting a knock at his door and 2016 will definitely not be his year.

I wish nobody any harm at this time of year. It’s a time for being happy and letting things go. But just maybe, I’ll let him be the exception that proves the rule.


2 thoughts on “Sparing A Thought For The Unfortunate

  1. He’s struggling with something for sure. But I do feel sorry for him. If Police trace him has tough consequences. Don’t wish his life ruined, just that he’d stop.


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