A Fine Time In My Life

If you know me in real life, this post is old boring news. But I’m going to persevere. Because I want to illustrate how confident I’ve become.

During this last week I had another difficult public confrontation about my gender. I’d like to clarify, it wasn’t remotely difficult for me. Rather for the unfortunate souls who chose to single me out for further examination.

I was simply going home on public transport. Someone felt the need to point me out very vocally to their companion.

Their first mistake. Little did they know I have no intention of being the sort of girl who just allows this to pass. I found myself staring down this couple till the point when they had to acknowledge me and then look at the floor. Embarrassed to fuck at being caught out. And rightly so.

What a difference two years has made. I am currently feeling reasonably socially invincible as a result of realising just how confident I really am.

If you are transitioning, I cannot pretend that this is easy. But it’s totally possible. And I am even able to be proud of myself. I got here. How dare anyone publicly comment on me. I will not tolerate that without some kind of a fight. Although I’ve managed not to hit anyone yet.

And just to be there in my life feels pretty good. You will get there too. Believe it. But not every one of these instances is an ordeal either. Sometimes it’s amusing, sometimes it’s supportive. And overall it’s actually OK, once you learn to differentiate between them. There are worse things in life than the beady little eyes of strangers.


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