Smoothly Blended

Heading into the weekend and about as happy as a dog with two tails. I’m at a comfortable stage in my transition when things just seem to be clicking into place. And this week I even managed to get my hormones bumped up a notch. Woop Woop! Or whatever young people say.

I am rarely misgendered at all now. Even by strangers. My Mum however, that could have a blog of it’s own. But in general I am getting on with life as a female without needing much in the way of validation.

I have little in the way of an answer to how you achieve this but I think it boils down to a couple of things. I paid attention to the way women that I am close to dress and I listened to advice. Advice that was never offered harshly but always to help me improve. I absolutely love that. That is real support. And something I adore beyond the words I can supply.

A huge concern when I went full-time was that I’d get it tragically wrong. Too drag, too OTT, too uncoordinated or worse, that I gave the general impression I had rolled through a charity shop in the dark.

But somehow I’ve reached a place where things are going remarkably well. And for that I have to thank my female friends. Their acceptance and advice have allowed me to learn to blend for the most part.

Do people still know I’m transgender? Absolutely yes. I’m still not at all naive. But it doesn’t appear to bother anyone else significantly. And with that came hugely increased confidence.

In 2015 this has allowed me to tackle my first female job interview, volunteer at a support group, get involved in befriending and comfortably speak at public events. More in 12 months than male me managed in as many years.

But none of this would have been possible without supportive friends. Thanks ladies. And appropriate gents. Means the very world to me. And I could never adequately tell you how much. My blog is an acceptable compromise. I wish I knew how to tell you. This is as close as I get for now Xx


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