Only What You Need

A highly successful visit to the Gender Clinic this morning. Referred for a second round of Speech Therapy, for that all important “Lady” voice and confirmed the timescale for surgery when I’m ready to take that plunge. In just a year I could be comfortably Post Op and getting on with the rest of my life.

But surgery is only one part of the answer. It has physical and mental implications which I just won’t rush headlong into. It’s too important to get wrong and technically there is no hurry.

I think concentrating on developing my voice is not a bad goal for now. Not that my voice is distressing to me. It’s only ever a problem on the phone. And even then it’s bearable.

But today has left me feeling quite excited too. Everything that I want is closer to my grasp than I realised. If they’d said I faced a two year wait I was prepared for that. It’s possible so much sooner.

But I’m already feeling pretty happy and confident in life so I’m quite wary of changing anything until I have to. I’ve never been this settled. Ever. So it’s not cold feet, just caution. I’m enjoying my life just now. In the absence of an actual plan, doing some more of that seems like plan enough for right now.


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