Lonesome Town

If you happen to be transsexual and you’ve happened across this blog then the chances are you know what it is to feel alone. In all it’s terrible emptiness. The bad news is I’m probably going to rain on that particular pity parade today. A little bit.

For example, I’ve often found it a struggle to adjust to being without brothers. Or nephews. And yet life goes on. For everybody. And it isn’t a solitary experience for any of us. Voids are somehow filled by the good things in life though and I’ve come to think that surely nobody will be able to stay angry with me forever. All that’s really left for me to do is to be ready if they ever want to talk. And the choice is that easy. If you want it to be.

You might feel you have lost friends because of your transition. Pretty sure I have or at least some have evaporated so far that they are purely spectral at this point. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You could either be better off without them or you could consider it a temporary separation while life has gotten in the way. You’d be surprised who might come out of the woodwork when the chips are down though. Just be pleasantly surprised. And thankful for the friends that did stick around anyway. They are Keepers.

You might think you are so alone and that you have nobody to talk to. I’m sorry to have to break it to you but the Internet changed that scenario for ever. Somebody out there knows exactly how you feel. And wants to talk too. Considerably before I uttered a single word out loud, I’d “talked” a lot of it out online with the world’s greatest “random”. A girl I simply met on a night out and stayed in contact with ever since. Years now. Contact with another person is at worst a Google search away. Or sometimes just sharing a drunken taxi pays dividends later.

You might think this post is overly optimistic or that this is not how life is for you. If it isn’t then change it. Mostly by how you think. You’re not alone, there are gazillions of others out there. All of whom have felt like that at some point. Start a conversation, attend a group, whatever floats your boat. Someone will meet you halfway. If you let them.

And that’s the happiest little rant I’ve had in a while. Good day to you!


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