“Come Out” Fighting

Fresh off the back of the Icon Awards I’ve come over all empowered. Which I think might be a good thing. Seeing people who literally are the change they want to see has had a positive impact on me.

Quite a nice week for the marginalised in society as well, we’ve had World Mental Health Day, some awards ceremonies and the Equality Network launched a 3rd party reporting site, . To be clear, I’m not equating mental health and LGBT together. But any category that still carries stigma and attracts persecution deserves better treatment. That much I am sure about. People should not be being singled out for being different in 2015. But they are, every damned day.

But I don’t even really know what I want to do take a stand but, fresh from a holiday, I do find myself all politicised and in need of a cause. Equality still seems a reasonable enough wagon to attach myself to. So I’m in the market for something to do about it. I know not what. But there has to be something productive out there for me to do. Armed with this much enthusiasm, I’m thinking I should go on holiday more often. It seems to agree with me. Anyone fancy Bratislava?


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