Unless His Name Is Madagascar

Heading home from the beautiful island of Crete later today. Quite often I’ve blogged about the value of support and the importance of acceptance. The blanket acceptance I have enjoyed in Chania is the reason I will likely return here often until the day I pass. It’s been both encouraging and empowering to find that strangers from thousands of miles away are willing to take me as I am. No questions asked. Not that I don’t get that at home. It’s subtly different. In Glasgow I still get “Mate” from time to time, here I am never misgendered. Whether it’s Madam, lady etc, I am taken as I present. Might not seem like a big deal but it is. Not one person referred to me in the male gender the whole week. You have to warm to a people that are that fundamentally open. Still, as much as I enjoy a holiday, there is nothing that gives me as much joy as returning to Glasgow. I love to travel but to go all Wizard Of Oz on you, “There’s no place like home”. I’m looking forward to my own bed and dying to catch up with my friends before the inevitable return to work on Monday. No man is an island after all.


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