Experimenting with a double post this evening. Essentially so I can forget about blogging for a few days and enjoy a well earned holiday and the joy of monthly financial solvency unencumbered. Despite an online setback mentioned previously, I’ve found that my confidence remains surprisingly high. So much so, that my response to the world was to dispense with my NHS wig this week and just see how it went. It went surprisingly well. No better or worse reaction than the bewigged version of myself. I retain the right to use a wig when I see fit though. I am a lazy bitch and half an hour is bed is frankly half an hour in bed.

If you know me in real life, you already know I like to talk. A lot. Too much perhaps. But for a variety of reasons I find myself on a discussion panel at an event this Friday which is part of the Scottish Queer International Film Festival ( It’s part of an event called Open Windows ( I’m sort of looking forward to contributing and grateful to LGBT Health & Well-Being for including me on the panel ( I’m hopeful it will be a useful experience and that I can make some sort of valid contribution. If nothing else, it’s a day out. The good news now is that I have no plans to blog until well into next week. Even then it will mostly be a virtual two fingers to tell you I’m going on holiday.


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