There are literally millions of us on the planet. Individually vibrating with our own unique frequencies. And yet, that distinct difference is also a thing that makes us all the same. But we don’t define ourselves by frequency.

We rely instead on lazy labels like White, Black, Gay, Straight or in my case, Trans. It’s labels like this that obscure the fact we are all just people. Might seem a little philosophical today but bear with me please.

I’ve grown more and more interested in the idea of Equality. It’s a concept we are still forced to fight for. Despite the Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, Stonewall, we never seem to learn not to define each other by such narrow terms. I don’t think that’s good enough.

And finally, at 42, I feel motivated to do something about it. I’ve never been a particularly “Right On” Eco-Warrior sort of person but maybe I’ve never found an idea that really resonated within me. The idea that we all deserve equal treatment does just that.

To that end, I met with the Equality Network last week with a view to doing some volunteering for them. As time goes on I’m getting more interested in Trans Advocacy but also the inequity of Equality in general. Equality should be for everyone but sadly it’s not. Even in this day and age. I want to live long enough to see that change. Doesn’t feel like too much to ask.


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