Rollin’, Rollin’, Trollin’.

A weird sort of week. Found myself having to report an online attacker to the Police. Which felt alarmingly like an admission of weakness. But I’ve never felt weak since starting my transition. If anything it has empowered me. And I hope that’s why I did call the Police. I refuse to allow an anonymous internet coward to attack me without consequence. What if I had been fragile? That’s just not acceptable to me. The suicide rate amongst transsexuals is abnormally high. I could just as easily be the type to crumble when belittled and ridiculed. Although to be called “an inhuman pollution” perhaps goes beyond that too. But I am blessed with confidence and an amazing support network. He wasn’t to know that. I’m also a transsexual in Glasgow in real life. Accordingly, I am battle hardened to comments in the street. Not all of which are derogatory to be honest. But abuse me to my face and you may find you lose your teeth. I don’t categorise myself as a victim. And even though it was just empty words on the internet to me, he will learn not to abuse those he thinks are easy targets. I’m determined of that. The next person he picks on might not be so fortunate.


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