Golden Years

I haven’t given too much thought to my retirement as yet. It’s always seemed such a long way off. But now, completely by accident, I have discovered a surprising fringe benefit to my transition. Nearing the end of my Real Life Experience and weighing up the surgical option, it seems I have more to gain than just a designer va-va-va and inner contentment. Upon finding myself “complete” and obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate, I will also qualify for equal treatment with all other women in my acquired gender. So what?, you may be thinking. This has huge implications financially that had never crossed my mind. My eventual surgeon’s scalpel will shave off more than the obvious. With a flick of the wrist, a couple of years may be lopped off my retirement age as well. A bit of an unexpected result as it will equally apply to my state and private pensions. So I’m ironically cock-a-hoop about my future for now. I do however realise you are also probably thinking “The lengths some people will go to, to get out of work”.


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