Queer Hawk

I’ve quite often commented on how decent people generally are. So it was a wee bit disappointing to receive an unsolicited email from a woman with just the two word insult in this post’s title. I was a little shocked but appreciated her taking the time out of her busy schedule as Stirling’s finest Zelda from Terrahawks lookalike. Queer Hawk is Irish slang for a peculiar person. Peculiar, in itself, refers to that which is different to what is normal or expected, strange, particular or special. Maybe she likes me after all. Anyway, my hormone addled brain briefly considered Kick-Ass style vigilante action. And it occured to me that Queer Hawk is a perfect superhero name in my situation. So, watch the skies Zelda. There might be a winged Valkyrie watching your every move. She wants to give you a kiss. With a hammer.



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