A Close Shave

As of today, I cannot shave till Tuesday. This is going to be strange. But necessary. I need another set of photographs to document how my IPL is going. And that means the temporary return of The Artist Formerly Known As Chris. I’m a little bit anxious but it will definitely be OK. I managed 40 years so 3 days should be simple enough. Surely to God I can “Man Up” for a weekend. It’s not without it’s difficulties however. I’m planning to cut back the nails that I’ve grown, dig out the “emergency” boy clothes and just get on with it. I don’t intend hiding away at all but I’m mindful of the acceptance I’ve had. I might have to be picky about who actually sees me because of this. I’m consciously going to have a child free weekend. I don’t want to confuse little brains more than I perhaps already have. But I’m choosing to view it as an opportunity too. I regrettably never had a last boy’s night out. I might now be able to fix that. And that’s an oddly entertaining prospect to me. I’m hoping I can use the time to show that I’m significantly happier in my own skin now. Although I’m relatively sure my friends do know this. But it will be nice to see old friends as I was. And as they remember me. Well, now with added moobs.


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