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Mine is turning out to be an oddly diverse sort of life. In so far as, transitioning is not something most people will ever experience. Although transsexuals are perhaps more commonplace these days, I doubt anyone else on the planet really gets the opportunity to experience both sides of the fence so completely. To date, I’ve been a straight male, a gay male and I’m currently locked into an amorphous limbo sort of status but on track to be a straight female. That’s not too shabby for 42 years on the planet. But there remains the extremely distant possibility that I may, once I am the finished article, have a fumble with another female. That’s as close to the full human experience as you’re likely to get. I’m not even sure there is a word which encapsulates what that means. Although there probably is in German. Anyway, the whole point of this TMI type revelation was to illustrate that I’ve had many other labels during my lifetime. The Trans label is the current one but it’s really as irrelevant as the others in terms of how I choose to live my life. Which is one day at a time and one foot in front of the other. Like everybody else.


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