Roll Over Beethoven

I warn you in advance this post might have a relentlessly optimistic tinge to it. But I won’t be apologising for that. There are so many things to be glad about on a daily basis. Maybe not the sorry state of British politics,probably not the perils of international terrorism or even the woefulness that is your monthly wage. But tiny things. That may appear inconsequential but collectively  tell you that life is generally pretty good. And that make it worth getting up in the morning. It could be just getting through the day without incident. It might be finding out you haven’t spanked your wages entirely over the last weekend. Or it might even be a two year old that honestly believes your purpose is just to be available for play. Doesn’t matter. It’s all too easy to let what’s wrong bog you down. But it’s always worth looking out for what’s right at the same time. And that’s my happy little tuppence worth for today. Have a great weekend if you happened by.


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