Thrust, Parry, Riposte

Finally started a Testosterone blocker this week. The ominous sounding Cyproterone Acetate. A few days in and not really sure I can report much difference. Although instances of forgetting why I’m in a room are up 50%, this might be coincidence. Should probably keep an eye on that though. I don’t imagine that messing about with your body chemistry will be all plain sailing either but I’ve been lucky enough so far. All I’m really looking for is visible progress after months of interminably slow waiting. I’m not known for patience. I’d like to be able to dispense with the NHS wig and box up the “chicken fillet” boobs by Christmas. That expectation might be too high. But  then what do I do with spare hair and unnecessary knockers? Probably donate to them to a school for the Follically Challenged and Savagely Under Cleavaged. It’s good to share.


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