Sheet Thin

Well there you go. I don’t blog for days on end and now a flurry of activity. Frankly sometimes I just have fuck all I want to say. And then something grabs me. This time it’s a Twitter outburst about something celebrity gay John Barrowman originally posted last August. Someone on Twitter got awfully bent out of shape about his use of the word “Tranny” at the start of the week. 10 months after the fact. There then followed a series of “outraged” comments on Facebook and Twitter from the so called Trans community. I may have missed the AGM but they don’t speak for me. I am happily a tranny, a He-She, a Tgirl, even my own blog reveals me as a Shemale. How dare anybody tell me what to think. I am fiercely proud of my progress as a Transwoman. Nobody gets to tell me how I define myself. John Barrowman is certainly not a Trans enemy and, in context, I completely understand his use of the word. It was literally months ago (yawn!). I live my life very publically. I can educate one person at a time. Does freaking out every time I hear a male or incorrect pronoun serve this? Simply no. As I have stated before, “Softly, softly, catchee monkey”. If you get upset every time you hear an expression that does’nt define you personally, get over it. In fact, grow a pair x


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