Awake at an ungodly hour, as sleep seems unlikely I may as well update this page. I’m pretty accustomed to the occasional stare and even double take from members of the public. It’s fine. I consider it amusing mostly. It gives me the chance to mess with people for my own twisted satisfaction. Like today, well yesterday now, minding my own business while walking down the street with a friend. A Mother and Daughter were walking towards us. At about 2 feet away Mother turns to Daughter and says “Is that a M…”. She never got to finish that sentence because, unfortunately for her, she caught my direct line of sight. In a single gaze I was able to communicate that A) Yes, it was, B) The sky would not fall on their heads and C) She should be ashamed of teaching her daughter to openly comment on passing strangers. Well, that’s what I was trying to say with my eyes. She may have interpreted it as “Shut the fuck up or I’ll slap you into next week”. I did smile, just to reassure her that I wasn’t one of those dangerous sort of transsexuals. Anyway, she had the decency to look embarrassed and slink off without further comment. I’d like to think I employ a reasonable amount of good grace in these situations. There is a choice in that. I prefer to think that maybe she’ll reflect on that moment. She certainly felt regret. Maybe just at being caught out, maybe at not really intending to offend me. On the plus side, she didn’t. I must have passed a thousand or more people in the course of the day. Only one of which felt the need for further scrutiny and comment within earshot. That’s a 0.001% instance of people being a dick ratio for the whole day. I’ll happily take those odds.


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