But I Don’t, Feel Afraid

Right now is probably the most positive my life has ever felt. Neatly surfing a line between male and female but it feels good. I am no longer concerned about future surgery or where I fit. I’m just getting on with it and actually fairly happy. Whatever I eventually decide doesn’t matter right now. Life is good, people are generally brilliant and I have much to be thankful for. Those who actually know me might be thinking “Fuck, She’s been abducted into a positivity cult” but the truth is I am doing ok. I have great friends, a job I genuinely  love and mostly find myself accepted in my community and beyond. There is much to be happy about. Are there problems? Fuck yeah! Do you have none? But taking the rough with the smooth seems to work. Either way, I’m relatively sorted, not unhappy and full of future promise. Not a bad way to be heading into the weekend. Namaste!


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