Lucky, Lucky Thing

Yet again I’ve proven to be a lazy blogger but I’m my own boss here and I’m happy I took some time off. You won’t have been stuck for transsexuals anyway. Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner and, here in the UK, Kellie Maloney are ubiquitous enough that I need hardly bother turning up. Of the three women I mention, Laverne Cox is at least a Trans advocate and someone I respect. All of which, however, have a level of finance and attainability that eludes us garden variety transsexuals. But the thing that has struck me most with recent media hyperbole about a potential “transgender tipping point” is how virtually all of these role models succumb to now being defined by what or “who” they are wearing and flashing their tata’s in glossy yet tasteful photoshoots. Previously they were being defined by their own achievements. It just seems wrong that this is the message we’d want to send to young transfolk. But it’s been happening to women for years. And that’s what I’m aiming for so maybe I should get on board. I’d ideally like to be remembered for smashing an unfair law (any one will do) or being involved wholeheartedly in a campaign that meant something even if it failed. And if I had to do media in the process? Who would I be wearing? Galliano dahlinks! And don’t shoot me from the right.


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