Don’t Take My “Man”

There’s a lot to transitioning. And it’s as much about what you are giving up as what you stand to gain. On the one hand you are hopefully taking a positive step to becoming who you want to be but it’s not without it’s losses. After spending 40 years as a male it’s difficult to unlearn all of that. Body language, behaviours, the way you walk, sit etc are all different. And not always subtly. But the biggest changes are socially. Realising that what you want comes at a price. Such as the “Boy’s Night Out”. You can’t have it both ways really. Or realising that you have traded 3am walks home from a night out for something entirely more vulnerable. Or that you will be seen through different eyes than your male self was. None of which are complaints, just adjustments to be made. All in all, still worth it but as I’ve said before, this should really come with a bloody manual.


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