Curiously, the first vinyl I ever purchased as a boy was Tiffany – “I Think We’re Alone Now”. Bought from a market stall along with Pet Shop Boy’s outstanding cover of “Always On My Mind”. I loved them both. This was originally going to be a post about how social isolation and being transgender often go hand in hand. Hence the title and song choice. But as much as it can be a terrifyingly lonely experience for many, this week arguably showed me something worse. Anyone with an interest in Trans issues, or fans of car crash journalism in general, could not be aware of Bruce Jenner’s very public “coming out” on American television. Part of me applauds this as courageous and to be welcomed with open arms. But part of me recognises that the news was hardly revelatory because of the excruciating scrutiny that has been applied to his (his choice of Pronoun) private life and personal journey in the press. I have said before that I am very lucky, I’m far from alone and have avoided the stigma and loneliness that being Trans can bring. But I cannot fathom how you would cope with going through this as public property. And that’s where Bruce Jenner really has been exceptionally brave. On a worldwide scale, his life is up there for public discussion. And that can only increase awareness, which has to be a positive thing. More power to him.


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