What’s The Mantra With You?

Back in Glasgow after a short holiday but managed almost 5 days living as a woman in an Eastern European city where almost everyone we encountered spoke little English or none at all. On the plus side, my limited Polish is slightly improved. But it’s been a hugely positive experience. Like Sinatra sort of said, if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. Kind of love Poland. In general, not one fuck was given about whether I was Trans or not. And I like that attitude. I’m totally stealing that. It’s really no more important than my blue eyes or the colour of my hair. The one thing this trip to Poland has proved to me is that I’m really doing pretty ok. I don’t have to care about “passing” and basic manners get you respect, regardless of where you are. Like the video says “it’s a long road, there’s no turning back”. Pretty much covers my journey, home and otherwise.


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