Stoically Yours

Something that’s been offered to me frequently since I started to transition is how brave a thing to do it is. It certainly doesn’t feel brave. For me, it’s the most self centred thing I’ve managed in my 40 odd years. I am certainly happier and more confident but the cost was phenomenally high. I’m glad I made the decision but the body count of relationships is uncomfortable all the same. To date, I’ve almost wrecked my Mother, “lost” two brothers and at least a few people, that I was close to, are currently footnotes in my daily life. So the price of admission is prohibitive. And it’s pretty hard to wear it as a medal, if you’re feeling emotionally scalped. I’m not angry with them and I hope they stop being angry with me at some point. The Indians had it right, “Never judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”


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