I did not realise how quickly makeup would become an essential part of my daily arsenal in dealing with the world. Not that I am particularly skillful or gifted. I essentially do the same thing every day. With surprisingly differing results. I also found that Chrissy rapidly became something of a “High Maintenance Bird” (for non-UK readers, read nightmare.)

I am literally unable to leave my home without a full face of makeup. Less than 2 years ago Chris did that every day. But now I need that for the confidence to just be Chrissy. With a face on there is nothing the world can throw at me, no matter how horrible, that I cannot deal with.

That’s not to say that I can’t be stripped back, own hair, no makeup with my oldest friends. I can. They don’t judge. I’ve just found that in this stage of my transition I need it just to cushion me from the outside world. I know I’ll be fine but right now, always battle ready!


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