Hey, What’s My Name?

I changed my name legally in January 2014. It is officially Chrissy. On my passport and everything else. In fact, my passport identifies me as female. Which was bizarrely easier than the actual change of name.

But I chose this name very deliberately. I’ve had many others. Christopher, Chris, Christmas Cake, Xmascake and then my drag name, Tara DeBoomdeay. They all worked at their time.

Tara was essential for me to reach Chrissy and I am thankful for all she taught me. Stranger still when referring to yourself. But Chrissy was simply a feminisation of Chris.

I felt this would be less traumatic for everyone. Although I briefly considered Samantha. Give me peace, I saw sense eventually.

Sometimes my friends still call me Chris. And I see them wince, as if they have mortally wounded me. They’ve not. They just see me as exactly the same person. Love that.


7 thoughts on “Hey, What’s My Name?

  1. And, one more comment, lol….

    Horrible and awesome song and vid that captures PERFECTLY the absurdity of translife.

    That’s what I call art. Nice.


  2. Hey, no need to answer those questions, apparently I and my therapist are behind the times, SSA lifted their surgical requirements two years ago.


  3. grats! what country do you live in? I’m USA. If you are also USA how did you get the F on your passport? Because, SSA will take a passport to change the gender marker on a SS card, else surgery and a letter is needed. I assume you’re pre-op.


  4. georgiakevin says:

    Chrissy i am soo happy for you,You are so thoughtful of others. I have not been as brave as you, Most of my friends or the ones who claim that they are will not call me by my real name.


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