Straight, No Chaser

I’ve been single a long time. To be honest, I probably prefer it. But as I’ve grown in confidence, I do occasionally consider having a partner in crime. Mainly just to do daft stuff with. With this in mind I have, from time to time, ventured into online dating. Usually on the quiet, which is not the safest way to be doing so. I should probably trust people more. It’s not often successful but equally not entirely awful for confidence either. I also do alright for offers which came as something of a surprise to me. Some want to meet. Some need me to be discreet (read that as cheat!). Some, simply to secrete. No thanks! The biggest problem I have is trusting their motivation because of one thing:-

Tranny Chaser
A straight male who is turned on by male to female transsexuals. Tranny Chasers do not like men and are only attracted to transsexuals because they look like women.

If I was to date anyone, I’d need to know it wasn’t just a case of curiosity piqued. This is harder to establish online than I like. It’s also strange looking in on the gender I was raised in from the other side. Still, it’s not essential. Life is pretty rosy, I control the tv remote and if I was to meet someone? They’d probably talk through House Of Cards. Dealbreaker!


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