Early One Morning

Had a brilliant night in the company of strangers last night. Or at least people who were unknown to me at the start of the evening. Found a new friend in a deliciously decadent raconteur who happened to be visiting a good friend of mine. I believe we managed to cover every subject under the sun between the three of us. And then we found two more when a Father and Daughter joined our table. Random connections, common ground and just plain good old conversation. Probably my favourite thing about Glasgow is that we interact. Strangers can quickly become companions for an evening. I love that. And since this is supposed to be a transition blog, I love that “that’ wasn’t an issue. We were just people. Talking. Which in itself may not seem like much. It’s huge to me. It speaks volumes that 5 people who barely knew each other can just connect in minutes. All in all, a lovely Saturday evening and enough cocktails to sink a battleship of sailors. Which might explain my blogging at almost 5am and the ten minute funk out of a 3 chord classic attached to this. Off to bed, please don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day. Give her a hug from me too.


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