Speech Impediment

Learning how to do a passable lady voice is both time consuming and terribly frustrating. If truth be told, I’ve not applied myself half as much as I should have and may actually be sabotaging my own transition. I want my voice to match the way I look but it’s still part of my identity. I’ve been resistant to giving that up. And then my speech therapist showed me Eva Pitch, an app for transsexual women to practice with. Essentially it just gives a tone you can use as a starting point for where you want to pitch your own voice. It works though and I feel much less stupid than trying to do traditional voice exercises. Who knows, I may eventually even manage a realistic lady voice. Until then, I’m not going to worry. Voice I have has served me pretty well and it’s not like I’m shy about speaking. To my poor friends utter delight I’m sure.


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