Abreasted Development

Decided to finish the week on a more positive note. Despite transition being a painfully slow process, there are times when things are clearly coming together nicely. This week started off with electrolysis on Monday. No pain, no gain more than covers that. Wednesday brought a return to speech therapy. Learning how to emulate a female voice is frustrating. Even on my ownsome I feel particularly daft doing voice exercises. So I am ridiculously pleased to know there is in fact an app for that, EVA Pitch. Who knew? More on that another time. Tuesday was by far the biggest movement forward though. Popped into gender clinic and chanced my arm on question of hormones. Five minutes later my oestrogen is doubled and an anti androgen is an option I can still consider in a couple of months. I’ve learned patience is a good thing with hormones. Let’s just see where they go first. So, hitting Friday, feeling pretty good and all is well with the world. Can’t say fairer than that.


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