Gathers No Moss

This is not a sad post. Although the need for it saddens me. Coming out to my family did not all go well. I’ll take the blame for that. Consequently, I haven’t spoken with my either of my brothers since November 17th 2013. I had a brief period of feeling very melodramatic, which seemed fair enough as I was alone in the world, newly orphaned as I was. And then I realised that I wasn’t at all alone and life was still trundling on regardless. As much as I hope my brothers’ lives are good, we’ve all moved on, I hope successfully and without too much pain. But the door is staying open at my end and I have to hope we get back together at some point. What makes life easier is having support. Good friends, colleagues, the absolutely random kindness of strangers. None of these are substitutes for brothers but if you let them, they make it more than bearable to get by. Despite any difficulties, you can take little Annie at her word. The sun will come out tomorrow.


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