Can you see what I see?

Let’s say you’re about to go fulltime or at least dip a painted toe in the water. I feel obliged to warn you that, initially at least, you should be prepared to weather just how rude the average man in the street can be. This can take a myriad of different forms. There’s open staring which is certainly disconcerting and maybe uncomfortable at times. Then there are loud exclamations about the validity of your gender within earshot. Another moment to savour. My personal favourite is when one person spots you and whispers to their friend. This precedes a hugely theatrical stretch/yawn so said friend can look over their shoulder and confirm “OMFG! There’s a tranny on the bus!!!!!”. Suck it up, it get’s easier over time. This is because you will get more confident, better at disguising your male features and just battle hardened really. You can also consider the option of giving them something to look at………..



4 thoughts on “Can you see what I see?

  1. I’m 9 months in transitioning MtF. I have a base rule of no gender bending, i.e., I never dress such that the average bloke will think I’m a man in a dress. I don’t even own a dress. I wear skinny corduroys, women’s Ts with V necks, sometimes a bra, no makeup, no heals, I don’t change my voice, I own one long sleeve button down, what most now call flannel, though it is cotton linen. Mostly I’m pegged as a guy, or a femmy guy. As the hormones do their thing I am more and more getting read as female, joy. I came out, to family and friends and at work, I changed my name legally.

    Women treat me more intimately, men more gently. Even strangers follow this pattern. I was not very female looking at all pretranstition.

    A about ten years in the closet ago I realized the clothes were not the end, it was me, my gender, my body.


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