No man is an island

If you think you are going down the transition route, I’ll tell you for nothing that you aren’t going to find it easy without help. Which is easy for me to say as I had lots. I realise not everyone may be as lucky and I can’t imagine how difficult it would be on your own. By the time I rocked up to my first appointment at the gender clinic I was pretty comfortable as a woman. I got there by having a plan of sorts and, particularly, two willing female friends who took me under their collective wings. Although neither were actual angels, good as to me. From my referral to the clinic in January 2013 till my appointment in October that year, we did something different together every month. Simple things I do with ease now like shopping, lunch, dinner take on a different dimension when it’s your first time during the day and sunlight brings a scrutiny you might not expect. Except, it doesn’t really. During our first outings we were like deer in headlights till a few months in when it just felt like a girls’ day out. Still got the occasional stare but that’s for another post. In general though “if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck” then people see a duck. Or they are too worried about tonight’s dinner to give you more than a moment’s thought. But it’s still easier with help.


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