Regrets, I’ve had a few…..

While most of the process has gone fairly smoothly, the thing I especially “ballsed up” was when to tell people of my decision at the beginning. I started telling people sometime in 2013. That year evaporated in front of me and the closer I got to my gender clinic appointment and then going fulltime, the further I was from telling the people that mattered most to me. This caused a significant amount of distress, disappointment and even anger for people I think the world of. If I had that time again, I’d do it better. I had a plan for everything else like work and the practicalities of daily life but not dealing with family and friends. Consequently I did it poorly and it will always be my biggest regret. Decided to make this an early post as it’s something that matters to me. That said, despite coming out late in the day to my nearest and dearest, it only served to show me the quality of the friends I do have. I have little idea of the shape this blog might take now. I expect it might be a little random depending on what aspects of transition come to mind. You have been fairly warned.


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